Journal Papers

Jaworska, S., C. Krummes and A. Ensslin. 2015. 'Formulaic sequences in native and non-native argumentative writing in German'. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20 (4): 500-525.

Krummes, C. and A. Ensslin. 2014. 'What's Hard in German? (WHiG): a British learner corpus of German'. Corpora 9 (2).

Krummes, C. and A. Ensslin. 2012. 'Formulaic Language and Collocations in German Essays: From Corpus-Driven Data to Corpus-Based Learning Materials'. Language Learning Journal. online.

Book Chapter

Ensslin, A. and C. Krummes. 2013. "Language Acquisition and Electronic Interaction". In The Cambridge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition, J. Herschensohn and M. Young-Scholten (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [PDF of a pre-publication draft 353 KB]

Conference Proceedings

Krummes, C. 2006. "Sinn si or Si si? Mobile-n Deletion in Luxembourgish". In Papers in Linguistics from the University of Manchester: Proceedings of the 15th Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics, 3rd March 2006, A. Scott (ed.). Manchester: The University of Manchester. School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures. 19-29. [PDF of a photocopy 443 KB]


Krummes, C. 2005. Review of "N. Langer and W.V. Davies (eds.), Linguistic Purism in the Germanic Languages", Berlin: De Gruyter, viii + 374 pages, 2005. Internet Journal Historical Sociolinguistics and Sociohistorical Linguistics, Online, Available from:

Unpublished Work

Krummes, C. 2009. Modal Particles and Discourse Markers in Luxembourgish Emails, Plays, and Filmscripts: a Corpus-Based Approach. Unpublished Doctoral Thesis. Sheffield: The University of Sheffield. [PDF version 1.88 MB]

Krummes, C. 2005. Can-Do or Can-Don't?: Do Luxembourgish as a Foreign Language (LaF) Materials Conform to Waystage 1990 Specifications?. Unpublished Master's Dissertation. Sheffield: The University of Sheffield. [PDF version 408 KB]

Krummes, C. 2004. The Letzebuergesch Verb ginn (give): Grammaticalisation from Full Verb to Copula, Existential Construction, Passive Auxiliary, and Conditional Mood Auxiliary. Unpublished B.A. Dissertation. Bangor: University of Wales, Bangor. [PDF version 237 KB]

Conference Papers

2016-06: Linguae Mundi and EUROLTA: Developing and Certifying Language Tutor Trainees. The Coventry University Conference 2016: Creating Better Futures, Coventry, UK. [PDF-Slides 1.68MB]

2014-08 : The User, the Switch, and the SMS: Reported and Observed Code-Switching Behaviour in CMC (with Claudia Bucher and Beat Siebenhaar). Methods in Dialectology XV, Groningen, the Netherlands. [PDF-Slides 1.12 MB]

2014-05: Text as I Say not as I Do? Comparing Code-Switching Behaviour in Swiss-German SMS Data with its Metadata (with Claudia Bucher). CILC 6, Gran Canaria, Spain. [PDF-Slides 845 KB]

2014-01: Can-dos and Can-don'ts in WHiG: Corpus-driven investigations into the lexical development in L2 German at advanced CEFR levels (with Sylvia Jaworksa). FGLS 11, Cambridge, UK. [PDF-Slides 781 KB]

2013-09: Sprache in SMS und deren Nutzer - Klassifikation und Reklassifikation im sms4science-Korpus (with Beat Siebenhaar). GAL 2013, Aachen, Germany. [PDF-Slides 2.57 MB]

2013-05: "ich wünsche dir en schöne abig anche a te. ün grond bütsch, je t'aime." N-grams in Swiss SMS. sms4science: Challenges in data annotation and quantification
3rd workshop of the project "SMS communication in Switzerland", Neuchâtel, Switzerland. [PDF-Slides with comments 2.27 MB]

2012-03: Creating Learning and Teaching Materials on Lexical Bundles and Collocations for German Essay Writing: Two Corpus Approaches (with Astrid Ensslin). FLaRN5, Tilburg University, the Netherlands. [PDF-Slides 974 KB]

2011-09: Formulaic Sequences in German Essays: Comparing L1 with L2 data (with Sylvia Jaworska and Astrid Ensslin). Learner Corpus Research 2011, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. [PDF-Slides 987 KB]

2011-04: Auf der einen Hand und auf die andere Seite: Corpus Evidence of Formulaic Sequences in Essays by Advanced Learners of German (with Sylvia Jaworska and Astrid Ensslin). 74th Conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland (AGS). Queen Mary, University of London, UK. [PDF-Slides 1.09 MB]

2010-08 (accepted, not presented due to illness): Interaktion und Bewertungen: Lehren aus YouTube-Kommentaren. XII. Kongress der Internationalen Vereinigung für Germanistik (IVG). Warsaw, Poland.

2010-03: How to Spot Errors and Compare Learners of German: the Falko and WHiG Projects. 73rd Conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland (AGS). Reading, UK. [PDF-Slides 933 KB]

2010-01: 'What’s Hard in German?': Touching the Void of Underrepresented Structures (with Astrid Ensslin). Forum for Germanic Language Studies (FGLS). Gregynog, UK. [PDF-Slides 1.07 MB]

2010-01: Mapping Luxembourgish: negotiating linguistic boundaries on YouTube (with Kristine Horner). Forum for Germanic Language Studies (FGLS). Gregynog, UK.

2009-06: WITZ :-) Emoticons in Luxembourgish Emails. Postgraduate Colloquium. The University of Sheffield, UK.

2009-04: And the World Will Smile(y) With You: Emoticons in Luxembourgish Emails (with Astrid Ensslin). FGLS 8 - GLAC 15 - SHEL 6, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Conference Posters

2011-07: Use of Discourse-Structuring Sequences by Advanced Learners of German: Corpus-Driven Investigations (with Sylvia Jaworska and Astrid Ensslin). Corpus Linguistics 2011, University of Birmingham, UK. [PDF of the poster 483 KB]

2010-02: „Dass wenn man etwas will, muss man dafür arbeiten” - Zielhypothesen im Lernerkorpus Falko (with Marc Reznicek et al.). 31. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft. Berlin, Germany. [PDF of the poster 1.06 MB]

Invited Lectures

2013-12: The Joy of Chunks: N-Gramm-Analysen aus 3 Korpora. SPIGL, Universität Leipzig, Germany. [PDF-Slides 910 KB]

2013-09: From Annis to "Ah nice!". Quatrième journée des doctorands, Bern, Switzerland. [PDF: "Annis Search Queries" 88 KB]

2012-06: Von Lernersprache zu DAF-Materialien: die Korpora WHiG und Falko. Übersetzung und interkulturelle Aspekte der Kultur- und Wissenschaftsmittlertätigkeit, Cumberland Lodge, UK.

2011-08: 7 Myths about Lëtzebuergesch. Keynote Speech, Let’s Learn Some Lëtzebuergesch!, Luxembourg Heritage Weekend, Luxembourg American Cultural Society, Belgium, Wisconsin, USA. [PDF-Slides without visuals 181 KB]

2011-05: What’s Hard in German? Corpus Evidence of Formulaicity in Advanced British Learners of German (with Astrid Ensslin and Sylvia Jaworska). Research Seminar, ESRC Centre for Bilingualism, Bangor University, UK.

2011-03: From Learner Essays to Textbook Examples: What’s Hard in German? (with Astrid Ensslin, Anke Lüdeling, Marc Reznicek, and Amir Zeldes). IntelliText Workshop, University of Leeds, UK. [PDF-Slides 2.48 MB]

2011-02: Mining Meinung: WHiG’s corpus evidence of German learner data. Departmental Research Seminar, Lancaster University, UK.

2010-10 (invited): Ma jo, ma Mamm, ma Merci: A corpus approach to the Luxembourgish discourse marker ma. ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism in Theory & Practice, Bangor University.

2010-07: Ma da profitéier vun denger fräier Zäit: A Corpus Approach to the Luxembourgish Discourse Marker ma. Luxembourg Studies Symposium in Honour of Gerald Newton: Language, Society and the Individual in a Multilingual Space, The University of Sheffield.

2010-05: The Luxembourgish discourse marker ma: a corpus-based approach. Research Seminar, Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences, Newcastle University.

2010-03: WHiG: Finding out what's hard in German at the University of Leeds. Departmental Research Seminar, University of Leeds, UK.

2009-11: Ma dat ass zwar intressant: Pragmatic Markers in Luxembourgish Emails, Plays, and Filmscripts. Forschungskolloquium Korpuslinguistik. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.

2009-05: lol this language rocks! Luxembourgish Language and Identity in YouTube comments. NATCECT Research Seminar, The University of Sheffield, UK.

2008-11: Ma mäi Soutien! A Corpus-Based Approach to Discourse Markers in Luxembourgish. Departmental Research Seminar, University of Leeds, UK.

2008-10: Ma mäi Soutien! Discourse Markers in Luxembourgish. Aktuelle Forschungen zur linguistischen Linguistik, Université de Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

2007-03: Toddler Among Giants: Linguistic Influences on Luxembourgish. Language Contact, Language Change, Gregynog, UK.

2005-04. To Delete or Not to Delete? Mobile-n Deletion in Luxembourgish, Departmental Research Seminar, Bangor, UK.

Invited Undergraduate Teaching

2013-06: What does a German with a Liverpool accent sound like? English Transcription Workshop. Institut für Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Keltologie, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany. [PDF-Slides 1.34 MB]

2009-04: German Podcast Workshop (with Morten Hunke). Department of German, University of Leeds, UK.

Conferences, Panels, and Workshops Organised

2012-06: Korpora und DaF-Materialien – eine praktische Werkstatt (with Stefan Baumgarten). Bangor University, UK. [PDF-Slides: "Introduction to Corpus Linguistics" 1.97 MB]

2011-07: What’s Hard in German? Structural Difficulties, Research Approaches and Pedagogic Solutions (with Astrid Ensslin). Bangor University, UK.

2009-04: GermaniCMC (with Astrid Ensslin). FGLS 8 - GLAC 15 - SHEL 6, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Impact and Knowledge Transfer

2014-07 Linguists Research WhatsApp Communication: First Results. Press Release: Universität Zürich.

2014-06 Swiss researchers study WhatsApp messages. Interview: The Local (Switzerland).

2014-06 Data collection for "What’s up, Switzerland?" Linguists Investigate WhatsApp Messages. Press Release: Universität Zürich.

2014-03 Les mythes autour de l'écriture SMS. Radio interview: RTS La 1ère, Switzerland. [MP3 audio 4.23 MB]

2014-03 Les fautes, l'anglais, la langue en danger: Quelques mythes sur les textos (with Etienne Morel and Alexander Guryev). Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie 19, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. [PDF-Slides 2.91 MB]

2012-02: 5 Keywords in German Essay-Writing. Bangor University, UK and TES teaching resource.

2011-11: Writing in German. Bangor University, Bangor, UK.

2011-10: WHiG Essay-Writing Workshop. University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

2011-08: Let’s Learn Some Lëtzebuergesch! Luxembourg Heritage Weekend, Luxembourg American Cultural Society, Belgium, Wisconsin, USA.